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COVID-19 Face Mask Safety Guidelines

To help our communities stay covered, we launched the Face Mask collection to highlight Faire brands that are selling masks. We believe that our retailers are uniquely positioned to distribute face masks in local communities as masks are hard to come by in big-box stores or on backorder through traditional e-commerce channels.

What is Faire doing:
  • Reserving medical-grade masks for people that need it the most: Faire will not allow medical-grade masks (i.e. N95, KN95 or ASTM level 2 surgical masks) to be sold on the platform. There is a shortage of medical-grade masks and they should be reserved for healthcare professionals and essential workers.

  • Performing routine audits on all face mask and face mask cover listings: Our Trust and Safety Team is actively monitoring and removing listings that do not meet our guidelines. We will ensure that accurate information is provided in each face mask product listing.

  • Helping our brands start producing face masks: We received feedback from our brands that many are selling face masks at cost to help their communities and cover their base operating costs. We are waiving commission on face mask orders until June 8th to help them start the face mask production.

How you can participate:
  • Choosing the right face mask product: Cloth face masks are the most effective when they fit snugly against the side of the face, can be secured with ear loops, include multiple layers of fabric, allow for breathing, and can be laundered without damage or change to shape (CDC). Please consider these criteria when you are choosing a face mask product to order.

  • Setting expectations with your customers: Face masks on Faire are not a replacement for medical-grade N95 masks or PPE, but are meant to bridge the gap. Masks do not replace or reduce the necessity to practice social distancing in the fight against COVID-19.

  • Making informed purchasing decisions: For safety purposes, face mask sales are final and non-returnable. There may be shipping delays caused by carriers experiencing operational impacts.

If you have any questions regarding face mask orders, we're here to help! Feel free to reach out using the "Contact Us" button below.